You’ve Been Slimed! – Staff Morale Booster

Teaching is tough!  I am always looking for ways to boost the morale of my colleagues!  Over the years I have made several of these types of freebies.

You’ve Been Mugged!

You’ve Been Penned!

You’ve Been Stickered!

You’ve Been Slimed!  (My newest version!)

You've Been Slimed! ~ A Great Staff Morale Booster ~ FREEBIE!

Choose a version that will work with your staff and get your colleagues smiling today!

Shark Week 2019

I love shark week!  Each year I try to post a freebie in my store for sharks!  This year I am posting some shark bookmarks.  There are three different versions of the bookmarks to choose from for your students.  This file also has a set of blank bookmarks that can be used for any topic!

Shark Bookmarks - FREEBIE

Shark Bookmarks - FREEBIE

Click here to grab this shark freebie!

Alligators, Alligators…

Our school mascot is the alligator, so I am starting the year with a couple days of lessons surrounding the alligator!  Our classroom already has a frog theme this year, so I am thinking the alligator stuff will fit in perfectly!

We are going to start with an Alligator Escape Room activity.  I am hoping that it gets the table groups working together, communicating, listening, and learning where stuff is in our classroom.   Click here to purchase the Alligator Escape Room pack!

STEM Escape Room - All About Alligators

The escape room should take the students much of the morning time to finish.  It includes a reading paragraph, some math, a video to watch with questions, and two fun STEM challenges!  Students get a sheet to complete as they are going through the Escape Room!  When they finish, I got plastic alligators to give each student!  I grabbed these alligators on Amazon, click here for the link.

STEM Escape Room - All About AlligatorsSENSORY4U Crocodile Toys 16 pcs 6 Inch Alligator Action Figure, Crocodile Hunter Action Figure, Crocodile Animal Toy - for Party Favors, Gifts, Prizes, Rewards, Assorted Colors

We are also going to read the picture book If you Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, DON’T! by Elise Parsely.  It is such a funny story!  Click here for the book link!

We are going to use this picture book as a mentor text and we are going to write our own funny stories using cause and effect (got to get started on those curriculum standards right away)!  Click here to purchase this writing pack!

Using Cause and Effect to Write Funny Stories with a Mentor Text  Using Cause and Effect to Write Funny Stories with a Mentor Text

We are also going to grow our own alligators!  This science lab is just AMAZING to students because the allgiators get SO big!  We start school on a Thursday, so by Monday these gators will be HUGE!  We place one of these in a plastic tub of water.  The kids take some measurements on day 1 and on day 5!  You can sometimes find these at the Dollar Tree.   Click here for the link to the growing toy!

The students will each have their own smaller alligator to grow!  You can also do one per group!  These can be purchased at Educational Innovations.  Click here for the link.  We use this pack for our smaller growing alligators.  Click here to purchase the Growing Gators pack!

Growing Gators - Making Observations & Taking Measurements  Growing Gators - Making Observations & Taking Measurements

What are you going to do during your first few days at school?

Bats! – and Making a Bat Cave

Kids absolutely love learning about bats!  We had a great time writing and doing science activities with bats!  The kids favorite part…THE BAT CAVE!

This was really easy (and cheap) to make!  Just a pack of plastic sheeting from the nearby Home Depot, duct tape, and a box fan!  The kids got to do research and read inside the bat cave.  They also got to teach younger kiddos all about bats while they brought them in the cave.

We also wrote reports on bats!

The kids had to do a lot of research to write these reports!  They learned a lot!

We also read a lot of books and found out a lot of information we did not know!

You can find these activities (and a lot more) in my Bat Pack!  Just click here to purchase the pack!

What animals do your students love to learn about?

We Love Chickens!

We hatch eggs every year in our classroom.  It is such an amazing experience for students to see!  While we are waiting for our chickens to incubate, we do some research on chickens.

No photo description available.

These reports are a larger version of the Take-out Container layout.  We used an 18 x 24 sheet of white construction paper to make these.  Students then came up with their own report sections from a list and researched and wrote the information.  They added a picture to the top of each informational strip (or chicken strips as they called them).

No photo description available.

They learned a lot and got a lot of writing done!  I love doing creative writing projects, and the kids love them too!

Creepy Pair of Underwear CHALLENGE

This was one of my kiddos’ favorite STEM challenges this year!  It was so much fun.  We read the book aloud (which is totally hilarious), then we did the STEM challenge.  Kids had to make a pair of paper underwear that fit the stuffed bunny (I found the bunnies on the Oriental Trading Company website).  They had a great time AND it was a really challenging task!  Click here to purchase the STEM pack!

Underwear cracks my kids up!  What things do your students find funny?