Egg Drop

We made Egg Contraptions as a prelude to our Invention Convention projects. It was so much fun! Our school custodian launched them from the roof for us! We had 15 out of 20 eggs survive the DROP! Students were banned from using plastic bag parachutes, but other than that could use any materials they wanted!


Monster Exchange Project

We just finished making our monsters and directions for the Monster Exchange project.  It is totally FREE for anyone to join.  You will get paired up with a classroom from another state and they will have to draw your monsters based on written directions and you will have to draw their monsters.  It is so much fun and the kids learn a lot about writing directions.

Germ and Microbe Project a Huge Hit

Students each chose and researched a germ/microbe.  Once the germ/microbe was chosen, students created a model in felt and wrote reports, made bookmarks, t-shirts, and advertisements.  They learned a ton and had a blast!  Who knew deadly diseases could be so darn cute????

Here is the link to the project:

Carnivorous Plant Project

A huge thanks to the site,, for giving us the opportunity to get a carnivorous plant terrarium for every table in our classroom.  The students got to plant their carnivorous plants and we have been observing them and conducting various experiments.  It has added a new dimension to our plant unit!  We are so appreciative and excited about it!

Slinky Science

We did some slinky science while reading a book by Nan Marino, “Neil Armstrong is My Uncle…”. Students were challenged to figure out the best angle to “walk” a slinky down a ramp. After much data collection and trial and error, we found it!