My students have really enjoyed building class wordles by hand on large sheets of bulletin board paper. We did our first one based on a book we are currently reading as a class, “The Alchemyst”, by Michael Scott. I wrote the title in the center of the paper and the students add the names of items, places, characters, etc. in various sizes, fonts, directions. I will post a picture when we are done! It is coming along nicely!


You can build a wordle on-line at the link above…


Shrimp Dissection

We just dissected fresh shrimp as part of a science unit on invertebrates! The students loved doing this dissection and the materials were so simple and inexpensive! I bought fresh large shrimp at an Asian Market (they have huge ones) and then we needed scissors and paper plates. Check out the links to a step-by-step powerpoint on the dissection as well as a lab packet!


Try it! Your class will love this activity!

Invention Convention

Every year, the students in my class participate in the Invention Convention. Each student invents something and puts together a display board with the information. The kids had a blast and learned a lot about design process and the steps to inventing an item. We even made business cards and conducted on-line patent searches. Everything was done at school with the exception of building the prototype! If you have not tried a project like this, you may want to try it! It is well worth the class time!