Monster Exchange Project

This is a really fun project to do every year. Just go to to sign up, it is FREE! You will get paired with another school. Students must create a monster, draw and color it, and then write detailed directions so that someone else can recreate it. It is so challenging and fun!

Try it yourself:

Monster Name(s):Bubble Gum Man


1. Using pencil, draw a large circle that it 6 inches tall and 5 3/4 inches across.
2. Go one inch up from the bottom and draw a crescent moon here that it on its side. This should create a smile. It should be one inch tall. it is 1 1/4 inch from the right side and 1 1/4 inch from the left side.
3. Now draw a straight line that connects the two points of the mouth.
4. One inch from the top of the mouth, draw a large backward lowercase c.
5. The c should be 1/2 inch long. Go 1/2 inch up. Now draw a large oval here. This oval should be 4 1/2 cm tall. It will be 2 1/2 cm across.
6. 1/8 of an inch over draw another small oval.
7. This oval should be 3/16 inches across and 4/16 inches tall. Now draw a large pupil in the biggest eye. Now draw a 1/16 by 1/16 inch pupil in the small eye.
8. Color both pupils black with a crayon. Now draw a straight rectangle over the eyes. It should be 4/16 inches by 1 3/16 inches.
9. Color this rectangle in brown with a crayon. The crayon’s name is sepia.
10. Now draw a line across the middle of the mouth. It won’t be cut in half and will be going side to side. The line will be 2 inches long.
11. Color the mouth light blue with a crayon named sky blue.
12. Draw a large black top hat that is four inches long. It is black with a red stripe. The top should be 5 cm long. Cut the bottom half of the hat in half and color this stripe red. It will be the top half of the rectangle. Now Color what’s left of the hat black.
13. Now draw three octopus tentacles on the bottom of the head. Each should be 2 inches long.
14. One should be in the middle and each one 1 inch apart.
15. Color the tentacles green with a crayon named yellow green.
16. Color the face with a pink crayon.


What is it? Card Activity

Students created these based on different species of butterflies and moths.  They needed to write clues that got more specific as they went.  It was a challenge to decide what information would be best to use on the cards.  They had a sheet to use in order to make a guess for each of the cards.  They had a great time trying to figure them all out!

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

We are eagerly expecting an author visit from Grace Lin, the author of the Newbery honor book, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.  It is a great book!  We just created  really cool goldfish reports that look like a chinese takeout container.  Did you know there are 20 different kinds of goldfish?  We cannot wait to meet her!  I will post pics of the projects and her visit soon!