Crazy for Hermit Crabs!

I am using Hermit Crabs as an instructional tool the first three to five days of school! I have designed science labs to use with LIVE HERMIT CRABS as well as a really fun packet to use with GROWING HERMIT CRABS. These are NOVELTY TOYS I found on Ebay. I also created some creative writing projects as well as an informational report format. The students will also read several classic books about hermit crabs, including A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle, Hermit Crab’s Home: Safe in a Shell by the Smithsonian, and What Lives in a Shell?. The students should LOVE starting with such an unusual topic! I also have a FREEBIE Reading Comprehension Packet on Hermit Crabs to get you started! I will be sure to take pics and share soon (school starts Aug. 24)!  CLICK ON THE LINKS TO FIND THESE ITEMS!


Hatching Chicken Eggs

I have decided to hatch chicken eggs at the beginning of the school year. We will be reading “The Enormous Egg” by Oliver Butterworth as our second novel and I thought hatching actual chicken eggs would be a lot of fun!

I made a PowerPoint showing what is happening inside the egg each day in the 21 day development process.  It is FREE!  Click Here to Grab it!

I also am working on making some science labs using eggs!  Here is a Floating Egg one!  It is also FREE!  Click here to grab it!

I will share some more resources soon!

If you are interested in a set of nine science labs using eggs, check out this link!  Click here to view this product!

An Old Favorite!

Our First Novel!

We will be reading a classic school story as our first novel this year!  It is a great book, but this is the first time I have used it in my classroom.  I will post some student projects as soon as we complete them!  This book is offered as a $1 book in the current Scholastic Books READ EVERY DAY Catalog.  Check the bottom of the first page!  What a great deal!

Does anyone have any good ideas to use with this book?


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