Field Guide Project

Our 4th and 5th graders worked together to create a Field Guide to go with a field trip we will be taking this week.  Each student created a page and then we had them copied and bound so each student got their own book!  They were soooo excited!


Our Next Book

We will begin the book, “The Enormous Egg”, by Oliver Butterworth on Monday! I am excited to start it. We are hatching chicken eggs (they should hatch on Thursday) right now and we will do a lot of egg science labs and other activities with the book. Click here if you are interested in a literature unit for the book. Click here if you want to check out the egg labs! I also have some science labs available to go with the book, “An Egg is Quiet”. Click here for the link!


Hatching Chickens

We are hatching chicken eggs in our classroom right now. The chicks should hatch on September 23rd. We made these chicken informational reports using information we found on and the kids really liked using this format for a report!

Hermit Crab Concrete Poetry

We are currently working on learning the difference between facts and opinions. Students wrote 3-5 facts about hermit crabs and 3-5 opinions about hermit crabs. We then wrote these into hermit crab pattern pages with black sharpie markers in order to create poems (click on each picture for a larger view) and then used watercolors to paint them. They turned out great! This idea could easily be adapted to any unit of study. We also read Eric Carle’s “A House for Hermit Crab”.  You can grab the pattern for a hermit crab here.