Light Stick Science Labs


We used the light sticks (glow sticks) that you can find almost anywhere at a good price to do some science. It is a great visual of a chemical change. Here is the first lab link, this one is FREE. The second lab examines physical changes by trying different temperatures of water and how the light stick reacts. Here is the link to the second lab.


Playdough Monsters

Using the small containers of play-doh (1 per child), various art supplies (pipe cleaners, google eyes, beads, feathers) we made playdough monsters!  They turned out really cute.  Click here for a link to a packet to go with this activity.  There are a lot of things you can do with these cute little guys.  We did a lot of writing and even created a classification system for them!

Neil Armstrong is My Uncle and Other Lies Muscle Man McGinty Told Me by Nan Marino

This is a great book! It is a work of historical fiction that kids really love! In the Scholastic November Tab (item #4473) order, this book is an absolute steal at only $1 a book! I have created a FREE literature unit to go with this wonderful book! You can find the unit on the author’s website” OR in my TPT store. Click here for the link to the FREE unit!

Historical Figure Facebook Pages and Pocket Biographies

This is a super fun activity! We made these while studying the Revolutionary War. Each student was assigned a historical figure from the time period and they had to create a facebook page for the person! They were hysterical!! Before we completed the facebook pages, students had to put together a pocket biography for their person. This gave them the background information they needed in order to complete the facebook page. Click here for the FREE facebook page template and directions!

Fossil Posters

After visiting the Orton Hall Geology Museum on the OSU campus, we made our own fossil posters. The kids used a plastic skeleton of a dinosaur and a seashell to make the four different kinds of fossils!

Mold Fossil:  A depressed mold, indentation of animal/plant.

Cast Fossil: A filled in mold, mud or other things filled in the fossil and left the imprint.

Trace Fossil: Evidence of something they left behind, scat, tracks, etc.

True Form Fossil:  The entire animal/plant is fossilized.