Can you Save Fred?

HELP! Fred the gummy worm has capsized his boat and he cannot reach the life preserver without your help! You can only use 4 paper clips and NO touching Fred, the boat, or the life preserver with your hands! Can you save him? Click here to the link to the FREE lab sheets!  (The link is now fixed!)  You can find the other free FRED sheets by clicking here!

*Be sure to use a gummy lifesaver!

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52 thoughts on “Can you Save Fred?

  1. The link does not work for the lab sheet. I looked to Tpt to buy it, and it is not there. Is there a way to still get it?


  2. I did this activity with my class on the first week of school. It was a huge hit! I will do it every year from now on. One question – do the students need to get the lifesaver on the worm? I noticed when I was giving out the materials that some of the lifesavers did not have a good hole in the middle. But, I told them to try to get it on Fred anyway.

  3. This is epic. I love these sort of challenges. Is there more where this came from? Does anyone know of similar activities or a book with similar ideas.

  4. I noticed in the bulletin board picture, there is what apprears to be a step by step sheet. I have downloaded the tpt sheet and it is great. I was hoping you might email me the sheet you used for the bulletin board. It looks more detailed, I use this activity for my 6th graders and this year we will be focusing on detailed steps. My email is Thanks!

  5. I could not open the pdf. Can you please send me project activity? This looks amazing to do for the first week of school. Thank you!

  6. My new students will love this, thank you! I am excited to use this next week. Do you have any copies of your completed student samples?
    Thank you!

  7. Did this activity today with my 5th graders. They loved it! And I loved it because it was a fabulous intro to the Scientific Method, and great to practice collaboration and problem solving. It showed/told me a lot about my kiddos and their background knowledge. Thanks so much for sharing!

      • Hi there! I would like to do this with my students the first week of school. I was wondering if you could tell me the gist of how they solve this? I have to have a sub to start the year and want to be able to let her know a few of the ideas the students came up with so she knows whether they are on the right track while letting them work. I was not able to see any of the solutions to clarify the final outcome.

      • Hello! The kids have to use the paper clips to move the cup and get the gummy life saver out. They are usually holding the worm in a paper clip hook of some sort. They then use three paper clips to stretch the gummy life saver enough to get it over the head of the gummy worm. Good luck!

  8. This looks fantastic! I would appreciate if you could send the pdf files – I can’t wait to try this with my students!

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