How Many Polar Bears Can You Find?

This bulletin board was put up by a colleague of mine! It is so adorable! It is pretty simple, just white paper and the title. The students have to fill out a sheet that tells how many they see and then they have to give facts about polar bears. Each student who participates gets a polar bear lollipop (click here for the link to Oriental Trading Company) and a certificate. The BEST ones get a stuffed polar bear from OTC. The kids are soooo excited about it! Click here for the FREE link to the idea sheets!



My First Attempt at Lapbooks

I have been looking at different lapbooks on Pinterest and other sites for awhile now. This is my first attempt at creating them in my own classroom! This is the one I made as I modeled it for my students. They LOVED it! We then used the lapbooks to complete a variety of challenge sheets on angles. It was great! It is an idea I will definitely try again! Click here for the site that has some FREE geometry sheets!

State FlapBooks

Another teacher in my school created these with her 4th graders for our great state of OHIO! They turned out great! The flaps made it super easy for the kids to put the information in sections. The sections she included on her flapbooks are:

Major Cities, Industries, Borders, Presidents and Symbols

You could allow the students to choose the sections they want to include!  Other possible sections are:

Basic Facts, Interesting Facts, Natural Resources, Plants and Animals, Government…

The possibilities are endless!  She used information from the Internet and books for the research.  I have a super inexpensive packet for students to use in order to create a state report.  Check out the link here!

Slinky Science Labs

I bought 20 plastic slinkies from the Dollar Tree ($1 each) and created two labs to do in science with them. The kids had an absolute blast trying to find the best angle. I just supplied a cardboard ramp to each group and let them have at it! Here is the link to the two FREE SCIENCE LABS! Enjoy!

Dental Health Science Lab Packet

How do various liquids affect the enamel of your teeth?

This is an easy science lab with a WOW result! The students could not believe the damage the liquids caused the egg shells (which represent the enamel of your teeth). The shells protected by a toothpaste covering fared better than those with no toothpaste! Quite the eye opener for Dental Health Month (February)! At the end of the lab, students made posters promoting brushing teeth and displayed them in the halls of the school!

Click on the science lab packet cover for the link to this product!

Making Kachina Dolls with Model Magic

During a Native American unit in social studies, we made kachina dolls using model magic and various craft supplies. The students then wrote a story about their kachina on a separate sheet of paper. Kachinas are used by Hopi Indians to teach children lessons. We looked on-line and found a lot of pictures of authentic kachinas and we tried to model ours after these.