Measuring Circles Using Bubbles!

We used dark blue construction paper and bubbles to practice measuring the radius, diameter, and circumference of circles. Students blew bubbles on the paper, traces around the mark the bubble left when it popped and then measured the various parts. The kids had a lot of fun with this activity!

Helpful hint: Have the students stand up and lean over the paper so the bubble is blown straight down instead of at an angle!


Non-Fiction Text Features Posters

We made Non-Fiction Text Features Posters in class. They were a HUGE hit with the kids! Each group got a different non-fiction book and had to post-it note the locations of as many on-fiction text features as they could find. I copied the pages for each group and then they put the posters together. They had to label and define each text feature they found!

I also found this great FREEBIE resource about non-fiction text features. Click here for the link! It may take a minute to download, but the pages are worth it!