Beetle Books and Our Own Bug Books

This is an amazing book! It will be released on Amazon on April 3rd, but you can get it through the Scholastic website right now! Amazing pictures and endless possibilities of how to use it in the classroom. We made our own bug books (got mini-books from discount school supply) using water color pictures we made of each bug on one side of the page and information about the bug on the other side of the page!


Stuffed Fish

We created stuffed fish by folding a sheet of white bulletin board paper in half and tracing the fish on it. Students then cut them out leaving a half inch space all the way around it. The two halves were stapled almost all the way around and then stuffed with paper. Once the fish was stuffed, the rest of it was stapled and then we displayed them! They turned out so cute! People cannot help but to stop take a look and read about each type of fish!

Poetry Tower–Insect Theme

A few years ago I came up with this idea with the help of the art teacher at my school. Each classroom decides on a theme and then the students create poetry about the theme. Poems are typed (or handwritten), and then placed onto these towers. The towers are three sheets of cardboard (60 in x 20 in). We spray paint them and then fold and tape or staple them together. Notch them and then just slide them onto one another. These make an adorable display for April (it is poetry month, I think). To go hand in hand with the project, we compile all of the student poems into a school-wide anthology and give a copy of the anthology to each child! They LOVE it! They read those anthologies cover to cover!

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Poetry Linky

Combination Creature Writing

The students always love this writing project! Their assigned task is to create a combination creature by joining two very different creatures together. They must then write an informational report about the creature, taking into account what the front and back halves of the creature’s body would be doing. It takes quite a bit of creative and critical thinking to do this project! Here is the link to a FREE prewriting sheet for the project!

Owl Glyph Project

My kids LOVE glyphs! We made these owl glyphs and they had a blast! We also created Question Posters, click here for the FREE Template! They had a great time researching owls and we ended the unit with an owl pellet dissection. You can find the Owl Pellet Dissection Lab here.

Make Your Own Microscope Slides

Using clear nail polish, a variety of found items, and plastic microscope slides, your students can make a bunch of microscope slides very cheaply! The kids love making them and they love looking at them through the microscopes even more!

Try it!

Transformations Resource

The students created Transformation Cubes in order to take notes on the four types of transformations in math (dilation, rotation, reflection, and translation). Each side of the foldable has the definition and an example. The cube folds easy for flat storage in their math journals! This foldable could be used countless ways! All you need to do is to take two sheets of cardstock, fold them leaving a one inch or so flap hanging out. Then glue the extra part to the side of the other sheet of paper until you have make the cube! Add a little tape to the inside to hold it securely!