Poetry Tower–Insect Theme

A few years ago I came up with this idea with the help of the art teacher at my school. Each classroom decides on a theme and then the students create poetry about the theme. Poems are typed (or handwritten), and then placed onto these towers. The towers are three sheets of cardboard (60 in x 20 in). We spray paint them and then fold and tape or staple them together. Notch them and then just slide them onto one another. These make an adorable display for April (it is poetry month, I think). To go hand in hand with the project, we compile all of the student poems into a school-wide anthology and give a copy of the anthology to each child! They LOVE it! They read those anthologies cover to cover!

Hop on over to the Poetry Linky Party at Mrs. O’s Rockin’ Resources for more ideas!  Click here!

Poetry Linky


7 thoughts on “Poetry Tower–Insect Theme

  1. I adore this idea! I absolutely love Steve Jenkins books. I might try this using poetry with a Mother’s Day theme. This will be our second year to host a Mother’s Day Tea for our mothers in fourth grade and I can see these displays in the front of our library where we will hold our tea! Thank you for your inspirations you always have something that I can use. Keep it up!! My students LUV your math mats also?

  2. Love your idea. Our school is housed in a church and we can’t leave things in the hall over the weekend, I see so many possibilities for your tower! Just curious-What are the white cubbies in the background of the third picture?

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