Down Down Down, by Steve Jenkins

We read the picture book, Down Down Down, by Steve Jenkins. It is about what lives at each level of the ocean. I love his books! After reading the book and completing several activities, the students worked in small groups to create an Ocean Layer Tower using bulletin board paper and construction paper. These turned out great! Here is a link to a FREE animal chart activity to do with the book! Here is a link for an inexpensive packet that contains comprehension questions and project sheets!


Play-doh Botany

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Play-doh anything is always a hit with the kids in my class, even if they are 5th graders! I created a Play-doh Botany Lab Packet for them to complete as a way to reinforce the concepts we were learning about plants in a fun and engaging way! They had a blast and learned a lot in the process (yeah!). I bought two suitcases of Play-doh from Amazon and they pretty much covered the projects for the entire class. We used very little play-doh for most of the pages, if you use too much it cracks and it is too heavy to hang up! The link to the Play-doh Botany packet is here!

I wonder what other ways teachers use play-doh in the classroom?