Poetry Pens

In order to get my kiddos to embrace poetry writing at the beginning of the year, I have them each make their very own Poetry Pen. We use an ink pen, quill feather, some pipe cleaners, and colored duct tape. It is really easy and very inexpensive! They love to write with their special poetry pen!

We have Poetry Notebooks (spiral journals) that the student use throughout the year. I have the students glue in a poem about a topic we are studying or that uses a skill I want to reinforce on the left hand side of the notebook (the back of the opposite page) and then they write their own similar poem on the right hand side (the front of the other page).

We fill in this poetry prompt page on the first day of school and it becomes the first page of the Poetry Notebook. Click here for the FREE layout for the “Poem about Me”!

Poetry is a great way to improve student writing skills and to teach them how to take risks with using vocabulary, etc. If you have not yet trued using poetry on a weekly basis in your classroom, you should!


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