My Pet Chicken Project

We are currently hatching chicken eggs in our classroom. As part of this experience, I got each of my kiddos a pet chicken to take care of during the 21 day incubation period. I got these adorable little felt cluckers from Jester’s Realm on etsy (for about $5 each)! They are adorable! We are creating books about our pet chickens (photo albums from the dollar store). So far we have entries about our chickens’ favorite things, diagrams, etc. They kids are having a blast! We will post more pics soon!


Pumpkinology Labs

We had a fantastic time becoming Pumpkinologists (ok, I know that is not a real occupation)! We complete these Pumpkinology Labs and the kids had a great time! They especially loved counting all of the seeds in the pumpkin! Such a great way to use pumpkins in the classroom! You can find the link to the Pumpkinology Packet here (it is $2.50)…

Four Types of Fossils

We are currently studying fossils and dinosaurs as we are reading “The Enormous Egg”, by Oliver Butterworth. We made these Four Types of Fossils Models. Each student needed one individual package of model magic and a plastic dinosaur skeleton and a plastic dinosaur (I got these from the dollar store)! The kids had a great time and they learned a lot in the process!

Shark Question Posters

Let me start by saying that my kiddos have always LOVED this project! It is a Question Poster Project. You can find the instructions and layout here for FREE!

We begin by generating three questions each about sharks. Students write each question separately on those teeny tiny post-it notes! Once all of the questions are generated, students choose one question to research (it could be their own question and it could be someone else’s question)! They use the layout provided to record the answer to the question! These turned out great! It is a great way to build background knowledge about a topic as well as researching skills!

Try it!

Sea Creature Book Ring Reports

We created Book Ring Reports on these adorable felt sea creatures! This wonderful seller (Jesters Realm) on was sweet enough to make one for each of my students for about $5 each. They were a HUGE hit!

The students each got a creature and they had to fill in the information on the Book Ring Report format. They looked adorable on the bulletin board in our room! Check out the Book Ring Report packet here!

It was pretty easy to get my kiddos to write a lot on this report!  They could not wait to get their cards laminated and hole punched!  I think it is so important to give a variety of final copy options in writing throughout the school year!