Four Types of Fossils

We are currently studying fossils and dinosaurs as we are reading “The Enormous Egg”, by Oliver Butterworth. We made these Four Types of Fossils Models. Each student needed one individual package of model magic and a plastic dinosaur skeleton and a plastic dinosaur (I got these from the dollar store)! The kids had a great time and they learned a lot in the process!


8 thoughts on “Four Types of Fossils

  1. Hi, Just found your blog through the TpT newsletter – I love it! Are you a science teacher? Your science activities are fantastic! I’m your newest follower:)

    Science for Kids Blog

  2. Big thumbs up for wonderful material. I must say that I
    am floored your page is so far down in the listings.
    I think it was on page 5…. and pages 1 through 4 had extremely little relevant info which I could use.
    Man, the big g has truly gone to the toliet.

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