Five for Friday

Well, this is my first Five for Friday Linky!  So let me start by saying a thank you to Doodle Bugs Teaching!  I am so excited!  This one is a lot of fun!


So here goes…

1. I have been super busy trying to read a bunch of books from the stack on my bed and most of them were really good.  I finished this one today!  It is probably my favorite of the group!


2. My wonderfully sweet kindergarten daughter is beginning to make me crazy!  This stay at home stuff is not for me!   I cannot wait to get back to school to my 30 (yes, 30) 5th graders!  I think she is ready to be back to school as well!  😉

3. I have a ton of grading to get done this weekend, but to encourage myself I went on a Scentos Marker Spending Spree today at Michaels!  They have a TON of them there!  Super cute Valentine’s ones as well as an entire endcap of other colors and scents.  I was in heaven!  If you have not tried them, you should!  They are so much fun to write with and I love the smells!

all scentos

4. I will be starting a unit on Geometry once we get back to school.  I am beginning to try to find and create resources for this unit.  If you know of any good ideas, let me know!  🙂  I have already made up a couple of fun ones!


5. I found a ton of amazing clip art on this wonderful site.  Just go to:!  They are super cute and really easy to download and use.  If you are using them, you just need to provide a link back to the site!  I am a clip art junkie and this site is fantastic!


Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!  I hope to be blogging a lot more in 2013, so stay tuned for some freebies, pictures of ideas, and links to great sites!

Wishing everyone an amazing 2013!


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