Booking Across the USA — OHIO and Neil Armstrong

Hello! I have been Booking Across the USA and I am so excited to bring you some books and activities for the great state of OHIO! Did you know the state of Ohio is known for not only its many presidents, but also for its astronauts?

With astronauts in mind, I decided to focus my project ideas on the moon and Neil Armstrong.


OHIOandthe moon2

I love the book, “Neil Armstrong is My Uncle and Other Lies Muscle Man McGinty Told Me”, by Nan Marino. It is a great read aloud or whole class novel to use! One of my favorite aspects of the book is that the protagonist is actually a bully, which gives the students a lot to think and talk about as they are reading the book!  The author has a wonderful website!  Click here to visit the site!

Here is the link to a FREE literature guide for this amazing book!

We created a phases of the moon picture using OREO cookies!  It was so yummy and fun! Click here for the free page!  We loved this book!


I will post some additional pics tomorrow!  We made phases of the moon displays with Crayola model magic and they turned out great!

Click here for the links to the other 49 states!  There are some AMAZING ideas out there!



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