Creating Craters Science Lab

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We created craters using three different substances: corn starch, flour, and sugar.  The kids had a blast making hypotheses about which substance would yield the largest, widest, and deepest craters!  We completed this lab as part of a study of the moon.  It made a little bit of a mess, but they learned a lot and they had a lot of fun in the process!

The link to the Crater Lab Pack can be found by clicking here!


4 thoughts on “Creating Craters Science Lab

  1. Your science experiment looks so like so much fun! I teach grade six in Ontario and there are not any links to the chemistry part of science in my grade:( I hopped on over to invite you to join the Blog by Province Linky I am hosting at I am hoping to get as many teacher bloggers from across Canada as I can to join in. If you know any other bloggers who you think would like to link up, please feel free to forward the information. I hope you will consider joining in the all Canadian Fun!

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