Hatching Chicks

march24 214


One of my absolute favorite things to do every year is to hatch chicken eggs with my students!  They love to watch the eggs in the incubator and wait those 21 long days for these sweet babies to hatch!  They are so stinkin’ cute!  We keep them in the classroom for a few weeks and then off to the farm they go!  Luckily, these get to go to a farm I know where they can be happy, free range chickens!

Here are some great resources for chicken hatching!  Try it!

This is a FREE powerpoint that shows and tells what is developing inside the egg on each of the 21 days!  It is AMAZING to see when various body systems, features, etc. form!


Here is another PowerPoint about the life cycle of a chicken.  It goes over the four main stages with information and some interactive questioning!  


This is a chicken life cycle sort packet!  A great way to build background knowledge or to check for understanding!


Love the 21 days we spend working on life cycles and chickens!  It is so memorable for students and something that they talk about for years!



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