Planet Flapbooks…I LOVE using Flapbooks in Writing!

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While we were studying the solar system, we completed planet reports!  My students love to use the flapbooks for their reports and they are a great way to focus in on some non-fiction text features!  Each student chose a planet and then researched their planet using books and the website:   (I love this website for building background knowledge!)

march24 130

The information on the Enchanted Learning website has headings and sub-headings (non-fiction text feature mini-lesson) and so the students used those on the different flaps of their flapbooks.  The labels for the flaps are unique for each planet since some have moon, while others have rings, etc.  We decorated the title using crayons and markers.  They were supposed to use a color scheme related to the planet!

march24 131


The students then wrote information for each section as well as including an illustration or two for each one.  They had to write a topic sentence and supporting details based on their research!  Once the report was complete, they make a model of the planet using Crayola model magic (love that stuff) and we displayed the model with the report!

march24 129


Why not try the flapbook format for a report today?  Need FREE directions on how to make a flapbook?  Click here!


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