Wacky New Animals Activity and Display

march24 189


I just got this great book that the kids in my class just love to read!  It is a book of weird new animals that have been discovered since 2007.  There are things like the blue earthworm and the glassfrog!  So cool!  Click on the cover picture for the link to Amazon!



I am always amazed by how many new animal species are discovered all of the time!  I put the students into pairs and each group created an informational page for one of the animals featured in the book.  They turned out great!

march24 192


The students had to create an eye-catching title, an illustration, a quick fact and a summary!  These look so great hanging in the hallway and when people go by they cannot help but to stop and look at the display.  I made the blank layout on Powerpoint so it was a super easy prep!

march24 190


Why not get the book and try this idea out?


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