Rock the Test!

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My class is ready to ROCK those tests! We have a rock star theme going this year and the kids are soooo excited!  Last year, this was a freebie on TPT, but unfortunately it is no longer available…

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I painted the lettering on white bulletin board paper and then surrounded the words with these great posters the students filled out!  Amazingly simple and effective!  In addition to the display, we ordered a bunch of goodies from amazon, like inflatable microphones, sunglasses, disco ball necklaces and inflatable guitars (click on each item for the Amazon link)!  Each day the kids come and do their best, they will receive one item!  At the end of the week, my teammate and I promised the kids we would dress like rock stars!  Hahaha!  Should be fun!  Here is the link to a FREE pack of Rockin’ Test Materials!


We are so going to ROCK those tests!  🙂


27 thoughts on “Rock the Test!

  1. I love your idea!!! I also would love the worksheet. I have tried to find it on TPT for the last 30 minutes. My 5th graders will love the worksheet and helping me create a bulletin board for the CRCT. Thank you!!

  2. Hello!! Just found your blog through tpt. I was just wondering if you had the student copy of the rock the test somewhere that I am not seeing?

  3. Do you still have a student copy of the “rock the test” template saved? It’s almost test time and i’d love to use it for a bulletin board. It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

  4. Hi! I love this idea to use with my third grade students this year. Could you please send me the template? Thank you!!

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