Cow Eye Dissection!

eyes 052

eyes 025


We dissected cow eyes in science class and the kids were so amazed and interested!  I ordered them from BioCorp for a great price and then I found an easy to follow packet of information on-line for FREE!  Gotta love that!  This site even has a video of the dissection that you can watch!

The most amazing part had to be seeing that the pupil actually is a hole!  The lens was also pretty amazing!

eyes 026

This was a great ending activity to our color/light unit of study!





One thought on “Cow Eye Dissection!

  1. I cannot believe I have never found your site before! I am truly in amazement of all your incredible ideas! I LOVE how you really incorporate all the subjects! I am a HUGE advocate of integrated learning – so fun to find someone as passionate about it! I wish I could follow you!

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