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Share the Wealth-May 18th- Freebie Linky

Thanks so much to Mr. Hughes and his fabulous blog for hosting this wealth of freebies! Hop on over there and see which great freebies you can use in your classroom! My FREE Invention Trading Cards are listed!

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Make Your Own Borders with Sentence Strips!

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LOVE this idea! I started making borders many years ago, especially when I could not find any cute borders to go with the content subjects we were working on.

The kids each get one sentence strip, we use the back side of the strip. Then fold the sentence strip in half, in half again, and in half again (until there are 8 folded sections total on the sentence strip). We draw a line on each fold and then write a vocabulary word associated with the topic on the bottom and draw and color a picture for the word above the line. The bulletin board display looks great when the borders are handmade!

Hope this is an idea you can use!