Table Supply Set-Up Ideas

stem 010

I use these three drawer carts for my table supplies.  They have actually held up quite well (I have had them for 7 years)!  I put labels on the drawers.  In the top drawer, we have Math Boxes, Math Problem of the Day, and Science Journals.  In the middle drawer, we have Math Journals and Math Tool Kits.  In the bottom drawer, we have Reference Items.  A basket sits on the top of each three drawer cart and the table supplies are in this basket.  There are scissors, glue sticks, liquid glue bottles, white-out, crayons, markers (thick and thin), colored pencils, hi-lighters, sharpened pencils, a hole punch, a pencil sharpener, and black Sharpie markers in the basket.

stem 008

We also have out Poetry Notebooks and clipboards in the plastic basket.  Not all of the supplies are in the baskets yet, I am still working on it!  I am currently stalking all of the school supply sales!

stem 009

I also get each student a plastic school box.  I place the name plate on the top of the school box instead of on the table.  When we move seats each month, students just move their school box and folders, etc.  I also get the chair pockets from Raymond Geddes (LOVE THESE), here is the link!  The chair pockets help students keep clutter off the table!  You can catch a glimpse of a red chair pocket in the top corner of the picture above!  I get plastic bins from the Dollar Tree to use as table trash cans.  They are small enough to sit in the center of the table!

How do you organize your classroom supplies?  I am always looking for NEW ideas!  Please share in the comments!


One thought on “Table Supply Set-Up Ideas

  1. I like the organizational plan. I am constantly looking for better ways to keep my fifth graders organized…especially since we are moving from teaming to self contained this year. Thank you!

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