Gumball Multiplication ~ Learning those Facts!

Every year, my 5th graders come to me without knowing their basic multiplication facts. I developed this program in order to encourage my kids to learn their facts as soon as possible at the start of the school year.

We start by making little gumball machines for each student. I get chart stickers that look like gumballs. Here is the link to these stickers. Students color and decorate their own gumball machine with their name and the stickers. I move these mini-gumball machines from chart to chart as students pass a certain number of times tests (at a 95% accuracy rate) and earn the different prizes.



stem 001

When students pass a certain number of tests, they earn a small prize.  Here is the list of prizes as well as a picture of the links to each of the prizes.  They are pretty inexpensive, but the kids love trying to earn each prize level!



I think their favorite prizes are the gumball scented pencils!  You can also come up with your own prizes or rewards for a specific number of passed tests.  Each student is allowed to work on their own pace!  Usually, all students have mastered these facts by the end of the first quarter of school!  YEAH!


This is an example of what each test looks like… students also receive a certificate when they complete each prize level.


If you are interested in this packet, you can find it here!    **There is a FREE set of multiplication fact cards in the PREVIEW FILE of this product!  When students do not pass a test they get a set of these flashcards to study!  If you have any great ideas that help your students to learn their multiplication facts, please share below in the comments!!



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