STEM Engineering Challenges ~ Tiny Glasses Structure

We are in year #2 as a STEM school and it has been a great way to infuse a lot of problem solving, cooperation, and excitement into the classroom!  I believe that STEM is a philosophy of teaching!  Here is one of the STEM challenges we have completed this year!  It is so much fun to facilitate these activities and see and hear their thinking as they progress through each challenge!  I have also created a new blog all about the STEM process!  Check it out and see if you can use any of these ideas in your classroom!

This type of idea has been around awhile, and I can see why!  The kids had a great time trying to be successful at this STEM challenge!

You will need (per group):

– 48 Tiny Glasses (got them at the Dollar Tree)

Super easy set-up and supplies!  All of my STEM challenges use really cheap and easy to find materials!

Check it out!

323 298 321


You can check out the STEM pack to go with this idea here!



4 thoughts on “STEM Engineering Challenges ~ Tiny Glasses Structure

  1. I am so excited that I found your blog and your Pinterest page! You have FABULOUS and FUN ideas. My school is in Southern CA and we my 5th grade team is making the transition to STEM this year. We are at the very beginning stages. I am looking for any advice and ideas that you may have to offer. I purchased one of your STEM books today. 🙂 We are hoping to visit some elementary STEM schools to get a better idea of what it looks like in action. Where is your school. If you are far from So Cal, perhaps you could just share what your school’s STEM model/schedule looks like? Thank you so much!

    • Hello! We are in central Ohio! You may want to visit my STEM blog, there are pictures and freebies there!

      We are in year #2 and it is definitely a process. We use a project based approach and the kids are given multiple opportunities throughout the day to problem solve. We integrate the subjects as much as possible. We are currently reading “Masters of Disaster” by Gary Paulsen and we are studying matter and force and motion. Lots of slime, roller coasters, etc. The kids love it! It is so much fun to see them so engaged!

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