Team Building Activity ~ Silent Puzzle Building


As one of our team building activities, I had the students work in groups to put together a 100 piece puzzle (from the Dollar Tree) without seeing the box or talking at all.  They had to remain silent the entire time they worked, but they could use non-verbal forms of communication.  All six teams were successful, the fastest in just over 15 minutes and the slowest in just over 25 minutes.  Not bad, huh?


I created a STEM Challenge packet to go with the activity.  It has a lab sheet and a group sheet as well as directions and rules.  You could easily do this activity without the packet, but I used it as a way to get my kids to reflect on the activity.  Here is the link to the $2 packet.


Looking for a way to get your kids to work in teams?  You may want to give this idea a shot!


One thought on “Team Building Activity ~ Silent Puzzle Building

  1. I love that you mentioned you got the puzzle from the Dollar Tree—I *love* that place! I think I keep them in business!

    There are a lot of great ideas here—thank you for sharing!

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