Close Reading with National Geographic Magazines


We tried our hands at close reading by using a non-fiction article from the National Geographic Explorer magazine we get every month.  I am sure this could just as easily be done with Scholastic News or Time for Kids articles.  Here is a picture of a completed poster.


We followed five steps in order to make the posters.  Students needed the article and access to a sheet of paper or post-it notes.

Step #1     We quickly flipped through the article focusing on pictures, headings, titles, etc.  Students wrote 4-5 questions about what  they saw as they scanned the article.

Step #2     We read the article and students wrote any interesting facts they heard down on post-it notes.

Step #3     We looked through the article in order to find 3-5 vocabulary words relating to the article.

Step #4     We focused on one specific section of the article and wrote a summary of it.

Step #5     We used all of these parts to construct a detailed informational poster about the article.

They turned out great!



How do you use close reading in your classroom?  You can answer and share your ideas in the comments!


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