The Monster Exchange Project

Every year, my classroom participates in the Monster Exchange Writing Project!  It is a FREE program that you can find here:  

Students first draw and color a monster.


Once the monster is drawn and colored, students must create a set of directions for someone else to use in order to draw their monster.  They are surprised to realize that this is a lot harder said than done!

Your classroom is paired up with another classroom and your kids have to draw their monsters while they draw your monsters.

1630Why not try this amazing program with your kids today???  I promise, they will love it! , even your reluctant writers If you need a cheap packet to help you through the process, you can click here!



4 thoughts on “The Monster Exchange Project

  1. This seems like a wonderful project! Thank you so much for always posting such great ideas and resources! From my classroom observations I’ve noticed there will always be one or two students in a class who are very reluctant about writing. During writing time, 15 minutes have passed by and that one particular student is still sitting there with a blank piece of paper in front of them and a blank face. I wonder if this kind of activity will get these type of kids enthusiastic about writing? Is there a go-to strategy you use that you could share- about how to get those certain kids to begin to love writing?

    • I think one of the things that makes kids so reluctant about writing is having to go through the exhaustive writing process so frequently. We go through the entire writing process only once per quarter. I instead focus on specific areas (mini-lessons) with each writing assignment and that is all I really worry about for that assignment. It makes the entire subject better for all of us, in my opinion. I try to vary the writing options for the kids, using a variety of different paper folds, pop-ups, etc. Using a bunch of different presentation ideas keeps all my kids excited about writing and on their toes! I meet with a small group about twice a week for writing interventions. One of the techniques I have used to get even my most reluctant writers writing is a Poetry Journal. We use spiral notebooks and I copy poems from real poets (we do about 2-3 per week). Students cut out and glue the poem into the left side of the journal and the students write a similar poem on the right side of the notebook. They grumbled about it for the first two times and now they love it! We made poetry pens (there is a post about them on my blog) and they love writing with them. Good luck!

  2. This is a project Ive done for year too! Now the link seems to be missing or broken:( I have a very small class- that is very disappointed! 9- 3rd graders in GA. Anyone want to participate with me? It is a gifted math class so they will include measurements in theri description. last year we were even able to Face time a class in NJ. my email is


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