My Best PINS of 2013

I don’t know about you, but I am a Pinterest junkie! I am on there at least once a day and I am regularly inspired by what I see on the numerous pins I see!  Because of this Pinterest-Addiction, I have decided to join a great link up with Stephanie from Principal Principles (it is great to see administrators with blogs, by the way).

best pins


I went over to my Pinterest boards  (click here and follow me if you like what you see) and here is what I found:

#5  STEM Home Challenges (with 89 repins)



#4 Card Bridges STEM Challenge (with 104 repins)



Pin #3 Paper Clip Chain STEM Challenge (with 127 repins)



Pin #2 STEM Challenge Ten Pack #6 (with 141 repins)



Pin #1 Sugar Cube Arches STEM Challenge (with 184 repins)



Obviously, STEM activities are HUGE now!  I am currently in my second year at a STEM school and I love it.  I am surprised that these have gotten so many repins, and many others have a ton of repins as well!   AMAZING!  I cannot wait to see what 2014 with bring!

Looking to get started in STEM?  Here is the link to a great STEM Freebie!  These are student role sheets that are great to use when doing STEM engineering challenges!

Happy Pinning and Happy New Year to ALL!


6 thoughts on “My Best PINS of 2013

  1. I’m so excited that through currently I found you blog. I love the idea of these STEM challenges. Even though it looks like you have designed them for lower grades I am really thinking I could use these for my 9th grade and general level physical science classes. Heading over to your TpT store to check them out!

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