Astronaut Food Science Lab

We are working on Greek Mythology in social studies and Space in science right now and the kids are so excited! We have been doing many different hands-on science labs about the planets, but this one may be their favorite so far! None of my students had ever tried Astronaut Food before, so this was quite an experience for them!

I got a Mission Pack from Amazon and then a few additional packs of strawberries and Neapolitan ice cream. Each table group had a selection of the different astronaut foods to sample.



I created a lab pack to go with this lesson. It has a non-fiction reading selection about astronaut food with questions, as well as three different labs.


Slide3 Slide5

If you are teaching a unit on space, you may want to consider letting your kids try astronaut food, it was an experience they are sure not going to forget!  Click on the Lab #1 picture (above) and download the PREVIEW file to receive this lab sheet for FREE!


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