Engaging Math Using Bigfoot Tracks

Who doesn’t love bigfoot?  My kids can’t get enough of this legendary creature!  So I tapped into this high interest topic and got them doing some math!  Students were first asked to create a bigfoot track on a sheet of bulletin board paper with a partner.   We then compared the tracks they made with a tracing from an “actual” bigfoot track.  I have a plaster cast of a bigfoot track taken during the infamous Patterson footage (I got it on ebay).

Some groups were way off.



Other groups were much closer.



We decided to calculate how tall the bigfoot that belonged to each footprint would be by multiplying the length of the foot by the number 6.  We got some surprising results.  The kids have a great time, even if their bigfoot was 18 feet tall!


Here is our hallway display!  Click here for a link to the Bigfoot Packet on TPT!   Is it time for your class to go squatching?


Neil Armstrong is My Uncle… Freebie Literature Unit and Project Idea

We just finished reading the book, “Neil Armstrong is My Uncle and Other Lies Muscle Man McGinty Told Me”, by Nan Marino.  The kids loved it!  We read it during our Space unit.  It is historical fiction and one of the most unique features of this novel is that the main character is a bully.  It gives kids a lot to think about and discuss.  I have created a FREE unit for the book, click here to get a copy.

We completed a lot of different projects and activities for the book, but this one was one of my favorites.  Students had to research TV dinners using four different sources.  They had to create posters with the information they found.   Students also had to evaluate each source for its credibility and reliability.


Full Classroom Display



Students worked in pairs to complete the challenge.  They worked hard to make their  presentations interactive and engaging.


Here are the different sources we found and evaluated.  Which one is the best source, in your opinion?   Students had to answer this question with evidence to back their opinion.

011 012


This activity provoked a lot of debate and discussion!


Tobacco Hornworms

Have you ever heard of tobacco hornworms?  These guys are incredible!


We got our Tobacco Hornworms from Carolina Biological!  They are amazing!  When they arrived, they were about an inch long.  After just a few days, they look like this!  We got the kit, so it came with everything we needed to take care of them until they become moths.


Once they get large enough, it is time to prepare the chamber for the caterpillar to pupate.  These guys usually pupate underground, so we had to fill the container halfway full with wood shavings and cover it with dark paper.


After a week, the pupa is formed and it can be transferred into the net cage.  The moths will emerge in 3-5 days.  These moths are supposed to be the size of hummingbirds!  We can’t wait to see them!

Here are the pupas.  They are so incredible!




We are anxiously waiting to see the moths hatch!

Snowball Catapults ~ STEM Challenge

We spent some time designing and engineering Snowball Catapults.  What else can we do when winter seems to be never-ending?  The kids came up with some great ideas and they were able to launch their “snowballs” quite a distance!  Check out some of their design ideas…





We used indoor snowballs that I got from Amazon!  The kids thought they were so much fun!

Why not try some engineering with your kids?  I promise you they will love it (and learn a lot)…


Grow A Frog Kits

We just ordered a Grow a Frog kit for the classroom and the kids are so excited! These kits are so cool! I can’t wait for it to arrive…will post pics soon!



If you are interested in getting a Grow a Frog Kit of your own, click here!  There are quite a few different options.  I am working on developing some labs to go with the kit!  Stay tuned!



How cool are these kits?




They range in price from $32 to $50 and come with everything you need, including the tadpoles!