Tobacco Hornworms

Have you ever heard of tobacco hornworms?  These guys are incredible!


We got our Tobacco Hornworms from Carolina Biological!  They are amazing!  When they arrived, they were about an inch long.  After just a few days, they look like this!  We got the kit, so it came with everything we needed to take care of them until they become moths.


Once they get large enough, it is time to prepare the chamber for the caterpillar to pupate.  These guys usually pupate underground, so we had to fill the container halfway full with wood shavings and cover it with dark paper.


After a week, the pupa is formed and it can be transferred into the net cage.  The moths will emerge in 3-5 days.  These moths are supposed to be the size of hummingbirds!  We can’t wait to see them!

Here are the pupas.  They are so incredible!




We are anxiously waiting to see the moths hatch!


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