Engaging Math Using Bigfoot Tracks

Who doesn’t love bigfoot?  My kids can’t get enough of this legendary creature!  So I tapped into this high interest topic and got them doing some math!  Students were first asked to create a bigfoot track on a sheet of bulletin board paper with a partner.   We then compared the tracks they made with a tracing from an “actual” bigfoot track.  I have a plaster cast of a bigfoot track taken during the infamous Patterson footage (I got it on ebay).

Some groups were way off.



Other groups were much closer.



We decided to calculate how tall the bigfoot that belonged to each footprint would be by multiplying the length of the foot by the number 6.  We got some surprising results.  The kids have a great time, even if their bigfoot was 18 feet tall!


Here is our hallway display!  Click here for a link to the Bigfoot Packet on TPT!   Is it time for your class to go squatching?


One thought on “Engaging Math Using Bigfoot Tracks

  1. I am in school currently to get my license and will hopefully be teaching elementary next year. I really love all your innovative and engaging ideas! They are inspiring and let me see fun ways to teach children 🙂 Thank you for posting all your work!

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