SUMMER PD Workshop Opportunity

Are you looking for a great workshop focused on STEM??? If you live in (or near) central Ohio, this may be for you!

Monsters and Bridges and Towers, Oh My! – A Venture in Engaging Students


2014-past-graham-monsters-headerWhat is the greatest challenge in the classroom today? Teaching content? No. Theoretical practice? No. It is engaging students! If you cannot engage your students, how do you expect them to learn?

Come to our 1-day workshop which features two local extraordinary teachers from Columbus City Schools, Tracey Graham, Westgate 5th grade teacher and author of “Smart Chick Teaching Resources” and Lori Mohre, Westgate 4th grade teacher – both STEM problem-based learning experts.

This power-packed day will provide you with resources, forms, materials AND the know-how to take these projects directly back into your classroom. The components of this course-work are appropriate for all teachers but especially, grades 3-8. All

PAST Innovation Lab Workshops are for teachers looking for new, exciting ways to bring TPBL (transdisciplinary problem-based learning) to their students. To make this even more fun, we encourage you to bring a buddy. When two teachers register together, each will receive a $25 discount on their workshop! Just use code BUDDY to receive your discount.

Date: Tuesday, June 24th from 9am to 3pm

Location: PAST Innovation Lab, Columbus, OH

Cost Per Teacher: $100 (or $75 when 2 teachers register together)

CEU Credits: 1


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