Earthworm Dissection

We dissected earthworms and it was quite a memorable experience!  I ordered the preserved worms through a company called, BioCorp.  Click here for the link to their site.  They are really inexpensive and the kids get crazy excited about it!

This whole lab started with a few unexpected questions from my students:

Why do worms come out when it rains in the spring?  Why do so many of these worms dry out and die?  Can we do anything to help these worms?

We decided to write questions, research earthworms, and make observations.  We used live earthworms (from the bait store) for some of the labs.  Don’t worry, no live earthworms were harmed!  After the live worm labs we released them to the garden!  We observed the live earthworms so we could understand how they move, what they prefer (light or dark, dry or wet, etc.), and how they react to stimuli (like gently blowing on them).   Here is a link to the live worm packet in case you need or want it!

We wrote informational reports about worms and then we dissected them to learn about their internal anatomy.

002 005

Why not ask your students to ask their own questions about ANYTHING?  It may lead you to some great class activities and projects based on the interests and questions of your students!



One thought on “Earthworm Dissection

  1. This is fantastic! I love student-led explorations. 🙂 We once “wrecked” almost a whole day of school because Grace asked if the “one small step for man” thing was really the first thing said on the moon. (It was and it wasn’t depending on how you look at the technicalities.) 😀

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