Dissection of a Pickle



We dissected pickles in order to learn dissection vocabulary and how to use the tools        properly.   The students had a blast!  It is definitely one of those labs that the students will  never forget!  They are still talking about it!

Here is the link to the lab packet!  At $3, it is a steal!




Making Books for our Writing Projects

My students LOVE to make these books for their writing projects.  We try to make at least one a month for their final copies!  This is our first one of the school year.  We wrote persuasive essays about which type of zoo animal we should adopt this year, and we chose the okapi.  The students then wrote informational reports on the okapi in order to learn more about it!

Materials Needed (per book):

– 2 sheets of 9 x 12 cardboard (we order them in bulk from PaperMart)

– one piece of bulletin board or butcher paper

– duct tape

– scotch tape

The first step is to lay the cardboard pieces onto the bulletin paper with a small space between them.


Next place a strip of duct tape down the center, pressing it into the space between the cardboard sheets.


Fold up the paper on the bottom and top of the cardboard sheets and tape it into place with scotch tape.


Then fold the sides up, just like when you wrap a present and tape them to the cardboard sheets.


Next, add we added the table of contents sheet to the left side and the author information page to the right side.


Tape the outside edges of each sheet, half on the sheet and wrap the other half of the tape around to the outside edges of the book.  Use duct tape for this step.


Next place the actual report pages (we staple them 3-4 times down the left side) into the center of the book and tape down each side (front and back) with a strip of duct tape.


Now you can tear a strip of duct tape in half and place half at the top of the side page and half at the bottom of the side page, on both inside cover pages.


The book is now done!  Students just need to add a decorative cover and write their report!  Here are some finished pages!


The kids are always so excited to complete these projects!