Zombie Pets Persuasive Writing

This writing project is always one of my kids’ favorites!  My students wrote persuasive essays about the best type of zombie pet.  They had to complete several pre-writing sheets in order to learn about different types of arguments, persuasive language, and the pros and cons of owning a particular type of zombie pet.  Once students completed the rough draft, they revised and edited them and then worked on their final copy.  They turned out great!  We also made our zombie pets out of Crayola model magic, with all of those fun zombie elements: oozing brains, stitches, rotting flesh, bulging eyes, etc.


In addition to the reports, each student also got to “zombify” themselves thanks to a free printable I found on-line.  Click here for the link to the free zombie face download!  This may have been one of their favorite things so far this year!

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If you are looking for a great way to engage your students in writing, you may want to try this prompt!  Click here for the product link!