Alphabetics! I LOVE this Book!

If you are looking for a great picture book to use in order to teach alliteration, this may be the book for you!  The artwork is fun and the word choice is off the charts!

Alphabetics: An Aesthetically Awesome Alliterated Alphabet Anthology by Patrick Concepcion




Orson the omnipotent octopus

of the open ocean

overpowers an offensive oil tanker


We are planning on creating our own alliteration alphabet book with the best words we can find!  The kids will then create their own pictures to go with their words!

Looking for the book?  Click here to find it on Amazon!


Mammoth Question Posters

My kids LOVE to do question posters, especially when we first start on a new topic of study!  Here is the link the the FREE Question Poster pack!


You just need to generate some questions about the topic (we use post-it notes on a sheet of poster board) and then the students choose a question, do some research, and then create and share the poster!  This is a great way to get the kids to research and present on a topic!

187 188

Here are some close-ups of the posters!  These are our first ones of the year.  We also discuss non-fiction test features as we are creating them!

Mammoth Informational Reports

Get ready to write some poster reports!


I am always trying to find creative ways to encourage my kids to write.  We focused on informational writing during the first quarter of the school year.  These reports were done using a poster format.  The students had to research mammoths using two book sources and one Internet source.  They had to include specific sections in the  report, but they were able to decide on their own layout design.  They also added a clay tooth model to the report.  I have an actual fossilized mammoth tooth in the classroom (I got it on ebay) and they used it to create the clay model.

They are always excited to write when it is a new final copy format!  These turned out great!  Do you have any creative ways to display written report information?  Please share them in the comments section!

183 184

We included eye-catching headers for each section of the report!

Playdough Monster Writing


Get ready to write about some monsters!  Play dough monsters, to be exact!  This writing lesson was a huge HIT in my classroom this year!  We started the project with the students making their own play dough monsters.  I gave each student one of the small containers of play dough (like for birthday favors) and then I laid out google eyes, feathers, pom pon balls, pipe cleaners, and beads on each table.  The students could create any type of monster using these supplies and they really came up with some creative ideas!

376 377

Once the monsters were created, students had to fill out an information chart with some details about their monster.  This included a physical description, habitat, diet, and more!  Students used these charts as their pre-writing sheet and they used the information to write detailed monster informational reports.  These reports are 2-4 pages long, they were really into it!


There are additional writing sheets included in the pack as well.  These include monster adjectives, monster descriptions, monster poetry, a letter to the monster, and a monster warning note.  The warning notes were so funny!  If you are interested in this packet, please click here for the link to my TPT store!

Happy Writing!