North American Animal Reports and Animal Track Molds


As we read the book, Hatchet, we are also working on researching skills by keeping a Nature Log on the different animals Brian (the main character) encounters as he is lost in the Canadian Wilderness.  We use several different websites and books to find information about each of the animals in the nature log.  Just click on the cover picture below, to get to this item in my TPT store (it is $3).


As we were working on the nature log, students wanted to write more in-depth reports on a specific animal from North America.  We decided to make these poster reports.  We charted all of the different heading topics for the report we could think of and then students were able to pick and choose the ones that worked best for their animal and their report.  Here are some of the poster reports:

We got the Animal Track molds from Nasco.  Click here for the link to their store.   We used Crayola model magic to make the animal track molds.  I am always looking for creative ways to showcase student writing, and the poster report is always one of their favorites!









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