Planet Flapbooks…Take two!

We are working on our planet flapbooks right now.  I do these almost every year because it is one of those writing projects the kids really love.  This year I decided to add another element to the presentation of the report and I LOVE IT (so do the kids)!


This project is pretty easy to set-up!  You will need three sheets of white paper (size 9 x 12) to make the flapbook and then just staple them at the top once they are folded.  I placed everything on a sheet of cardboard as a base.  We used a white index card for the planet name, AND the best part… the dome with the planet model inside!  Our planet models are made with Crayola Model Magic and we stick a paper clip in the top of them.  They are hanging up with yarn that is hot glued to the top of the dome.  The dome is simply a 2 liter bottle with the top cut off.  How cool is that???


Students were able to choose their own section headings based on the information they had on their planet.  We got planet information from several sources, including:, books about the planets, and multiple websites (using our Chromebooks).  Each section includes writing as well as illustrations.


One of my newest favorites in space books is…


Did you know there are now 13 planets in our solar system?  The original nine (I know Pluto is technically a dwarf planet) are still in the set, but they have added more dwarf planets.  They are Haumea, Makemake, Eris, and Ceres.

My students are totally fascinated by all of the planets!


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