My Wild Self Project ~ Animal Classifications Introduction

I am always searching for creative ways to introduce new topics of study to my classroom in order to get those kids hooked right away!  I literally stumbled upon this one totally by accident.  I found this great FREE site called: Build Your Wild Self (from the New York Zoos and Aquarium!  Student go on the site and design themselves using a variety of components of different animals of their choice. (see center picture)  We printed our “Wild Selves” and colored them (no color printer in our classroom).

DSC00113On the bottom of the picture that prints is a list of the animals that were used in the creation of the Wild Self.  We then did some research!  Students had to research each of the individual animals that made up their wild selves and find out their animal classification, interesting facts, and a picture (or they could draw it).  They were SO engaged in doing the research about the different animals (many are very unusual ones).


Now that students have had a little taste of Animal Classifications and how they work, we can begin our unit!  We displayed the fact cards on a sheet of 12 x 18 construction paper.  Pretty minimal supplies are required for this project, just construction paper, crayons/markers, scissors and glue, and access to the Internet and a printer!


These look great hanging up on a bulletin board!  Click here to grab the FREE pack!  Go find your WILD SELF!