Using Writer’s Notebooks and Writer’s Talks

As I plan for the fall, I am really working on adding more to my writing lessons.  One of the biggest changes I am making is to have my students keep a daily Writer’s Notebook.  I am going to use composition books because I think they will be more durable for daily use throughout the year.

Writer’s Notebooksblog

My students will write four days a week using a prompt that I give them.  These prompts are designed to be interesting and easy to write.  They are meant to be “seeds” of writing that can be later grown and developed into larger writing projects.  I have the September Writing Prompts available as a FREEBIE in my store!  Click here to grab a copy!  If you are interested in purchasing my Writer’s Notebook prompts for the WHOLE year, click here!

september writers notebook promts

The second part of the Writer’s Notebook involves using Writer’s Talk pages.  Each one is focused on one author and they are about writing skills, tricks, questions, etc. (not biographies about the author).  I created a set to use in my own classroom based on the books we are using this year, both novels and picture books.  Here is an example of what a Writer’s Talk page may look like:


These Writer’s Talk sheets will be copied for each student and placed into their Writer’s Notebooks.  Students will respond in some way to each of the Writer’s Talk pages.  The Writer’s Talk pages are pretty easy to make, just search for the author (I looked for interviews they had done), then look for a picture of the author as well as books they have written.  I highly suggest teachers make their own, so they can choose the books, authors, and focus areas they need for their specific group of students.


We use a LOT of picture books, so I included a lot of picture book authors in my Writer’s Talks.  Throughout the year, I will have my students make Writer’s Talk sheets to share with our classroom.

Time to get WRITING!



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