My Classroom Theme ~ Pac Man

What teacher doesn’t get both excited and nervous about the first day of school?  This year I will have a 4th/5th grade split class and I am teaching all subjects to both grades (just typing that stresses me out a little).  My room is pretty much ready.  I decided to go with a PacMan theme this year.   I like the color scheme and any video games are a hit with kids (even the old school ones).  I am not sure how I ended up with this as a theme, I ran across some items and thought, “Well, that will be different.  But, I like it!”  Hopefully my kids will like it, too!  As an intermediate teacher, most of my yearly themes are centered around a color scheme I like and I change it every year.

I started off with calendar days and month headers.

Slide13    Slide18

I give each student a plastic school box to put their personal supplies in since we share table supplies.  So I made Pac Man name plates (with each of the 4 ghosts and Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man) to tape to the top of the plastic school boxes.

Slide5    Slide2

I use a three drawer cart at each table for notebooks, folders, journals, etc.  I decided to redo my drawer labels since my old ones were looking pretty bad.  Each table has a color scheme (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple).  The label for the “Poetry Notebooks/Spelling Folders” is taped to a colored magazine file that contains these items.

Slide9    Slide10

Next, I made table labels and table storage tub labels.  They are identical, with one being large and one being small.


I then made hall passes.  Of course, I laminated them, hole punched them and attached colored lanyards to them.

Slide28 Slide30

I must admit, the more I made, the more I loved the Pac Man theme!  We do an ice cream social and I have little goodie bags laid out for each student at their seat.  I ordered felt ghosts from a fantastic shop on Etsy.  She can make just about ANYTHING in felt!  Click here for the link.  I also found Pac Man necklaces on Etsy.  Click here for the link.

pacmanfelt    pacmanfelt2   pacmannecklace

I found some great ghost stuff on Oriental Trading, too!  Even inflatable ghosts (click here)!  They will look great hanging out all over the room!  I ordered some Pac Man pins from Amazon, too.


All of this swag will go into bags with my welcome note attached to the outside and a supply list on the inside.

Slide37    School Supply List

I even made some ghost-inspired bulletin boards.   So much fun!

pacmanboard2    pacmanboard

I am still working on everything, thank goodness I have time (we don’t start school until late August)!

What is your classroom theme this year?


39 thoughts on “My Classroom Theme ~ Pac Man

  1. I saw the cutest bulletin board made from black bb paper and blue painters tape . It had a few rectangles on it and of course white library dots with the pac man character and ghost and a cherry. it said “This year will be aMAZING now that your in rm / grade>>>. I saw it on pintrest and thought it would so go with your theme. Thanks for the share and have a great year!

  2. I love this idea SO MUCH! I’m a specialist teacher and don’t really have a theme beyond my subject, but I’m totally inspired to expand into something like this now. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am doing a video game theme this year. I love your pac man theme! I have a pac man wall showing our goals with the caption “Chomping our way to the top!”

  4. I totally loved your idea, and I am doing the same theme this year so I was wondering if you have some ideas for the classroom rules and reading corner.
    Thank you

  5. Heading back into the classroom after a 3 year leave. Love the Pacman theme and would love copies too please!

  6. I love the Pacman theme!!! I was wondering if I could have access to your templates to use in my classroom. They all were amazing.

  7. Hi, I have just started with a senior class this year and I used the pac man theme on my door and they seemed to like it! Would love to use your resources to keep with the theme if you wouldn’t mind sending on? Thanks so much Aileen

  8. I’m doing Pacman for the 2017- 2018 school year. I love what you have created! Would you be willing to share your calendar resource?

  9. I’m also doing a Pacman theme this year. I LOVE all your creations!! Are you still willing to share your files? Thanks so much!

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