Totem Pole Tales

We learn about the different Native American regions in social studies.  In addition to learning about the different aspects of the region, we also do an art and writing project.  For the Northwest Coast Indians, we read the book, “Totem Tale”, and created our own totem poles from a sheet of paper.

  Click on the book cover to grab a copy!


Once the totem poles were created, we wrote totem tales based on the poles.  We edited the tales, focusing on sentence beginnings, using descriptive details, and proper capitalization and punctuation.  Since we need practice typing, we types these stories and then learned how to embed clip art (just right click on the picture, hit “wrap text”, and then “square”).  Works like a charm!


The students were so proud of their work!  I have to say, they are awesome!  I have created a Northwest Coast pack, if you are interested in purchasing it, click here.  You can still do the project without it!


Why not try some totem pole writing today?


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