Testing Fun! (Yes, I said FUN!)

Testing is an inevitable part of every year, especially for teachers in grade three and up.  I want this week (or if you are in my state these weeks) to be as low stress for my students as possible.  We take six total state tests, two in reading, two in math, and two in either science or social studies (depending on the grade level).

Each year, I come up with a testing theme.  We have done Rock Star, Survivor, and this year we are going with an Outer Space/Alien theme.  We start by having students color and fill out a testing motivational poster.


We hang these posters up outside the classroom for the duration of the testing period.  After each day of testing, students get a fun item.  For this theme, we included inflatable aliens, space pencils and erasers, shuttle pens, and more.  We found a TON of fun and inexpensive items at Oriental Trading and on Amazon.  Click here for the FREE Alien/Space Testing Pack!

What do you do during your testing week(s)?


6 thoughts on “Testing Fun! (Yes, I said FUN!)

  1. I love your idea of a “theme” to engage students in testing. I teach high school students so I am trying to think of ways to replicate or use some of your suggestions in an “older” setting. So often by 11th grades students are “over testing” but I really want them to do their best and be proud of the knowledge and skills they’ve gained. Love your idea! Thanks for the post!

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