Interactive Read Alouds

My students LOVE to hear books read aloud in the classroom, and they are in 5th grade!  Picture books are often underutilized in the intermediate grades.  Doing an interactive read aloud each day will help your students think and talk about books, which will make them better readers.  They will also encourage those struggling and reluctant readers to pick up a book that you have used as an interactive read aloud and reread it!


You can use just about ANY picture book as an interactive read aloud.  You can quickly search Pinterest to find lists of picture books for a variety of topics, like theme, mood, figurative language, point of view, etc.  We are starting our interactive read alouds this year with picture books focused on figurative language.   Here are some of the ones we are using in our classroom to start the year…



Think about what topics you are focusing on and start collecting those picture books!   Grab a pack of post it notes and an assortment of picture books, and you are ready to go!  This chart should help you with what to do before, during and after interactive read alouds!


What picture book titles are must haves for your classroom?



One thought on “Interactive Read Alouds

  1. Thank you for the helpful information! Love your tips! I’m a teacher and storybook illustrator, so this information will come in handy! Thanks again, and I look forward to reading over more of your posts! 🙂

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