I am a 5th grade teacher in a large urban public school district.   I am always looking for ways to make learning interesting for my students and as hands-on as possible.


18 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    I have added a link from my website to your free mobile pieces. Hopefully it will bring you buyers for your products.

    I am interested in creating an About page on your website–give me glues about doing this.
    Janice VanCleave
    Science Author

  2. i need battle of books for catching fire, the last lepoard and the red pyramid any chance you have any of these. Lynne SPence

  3. Hello, just dropping in to say what a great blog you’ve got here! If you’re interested in more craft ideas, visit our blog LittleFingersBigArt.com. We update every Friday with new craft ideas and if you ever make anything, take some photos and send them to us via subscriber@roylco.ca. We’d love to see how our crafts and activities are integrated into your classroom experience. As a side note, we’d like to feature your button to link it back to your blog (we will have a resources section on our blog up soon). Let us know, looking forward to hearing from you!

  4. I love your ideas, but I’m wondering what standards you use. Some of these ideas don’t match the standards I am required to use.

    • Hello! We now use common core standards for ELA and Math and our own state standards for science and social studies. I am in the state of Ohio, so prior to last year, we had our own state standards. Last year was our first year with the common core.

  5. Hi There,

    I just purchased your lesson plan for “Catching Lincoln’s Killer” from TpT and I like a lot of what you are doing. I did encounter a problem though b/c many of the pages are blacked out! I was hoping to use some of what you did in my 7th grade classroom.

    Thank You!

    • If you’re using a Mac: This sometimes happens when PDFs are opened in the Mac’s native PDF program (‘Preview’) instead of Adobe Reader. So you’ll need to open this with the latest Adobe Reader which can be downloaded from here: http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/

      IMPORTANT PART! 🙂 Don’t open the file by clicking on it (as this will automatically open it with Preview). Instead, launch Adobe Reader then go to ‘File’–>’Open…’, and select the PDF that way.

      If this doesn’t work, please email me! indiansprings18@yahoo.com

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